Take a walk on the fresh side of salsa


Probably the best salsa I ever had.  There is no question why they won an award for it.

Greg S. - NextDoor

This is the best tasting, small batch, locally produced salsa we've had in SA. It is smooth and suitable for chips/salsa as well as cooking with it. We're so please we found it.

Linda V. - Nextdoor

Not going to lie...this isn't making it to tomorrow!!! It's the best fresh salsa I've had in a long time and it's made local.  What a great Father's Day gift too.

@princessandthemonkey - Instagram

Seriously! Some of the best salsa I have ever had! You can tell it's all fresh ingredients and the flavors blend together harmoniously! Thank you for your outstanding customer service and safety precautions during this pandemic (delivered in mask and gloves). Attention to detail is key, and Old Man's Salsa has mastered every detail.  

Theodore S. - Facebook

I love the Habanero salsa! It was actually spicy.  I find it almost impossible to find one that is the right amount of spice.  You did it!

Cathy V. - Nextdoor

I always finish it in 2 days 🤣 my girlfriend and I fight over it!

Nick G. - Instagram

Omg we got samples and the kids ate them in the truck.  I was about to pull off and my daughter said "momma can we run back and get some!"  The bag of chips didn't last the night and the tub of salsa is almost gone.

Amanda C. - Nextdoor

Got mine this morning and could't wait to taste it!  Serrano (less heat) is sooooooooooo good! Thank you so much for the quick delivery!  You will now be my go to salsa man.

Mona G. - Facebook

Well, that there salsa is pure fire!!  I couldn't stop eating it.  Way better than anything jarred in HEB.  We will be back on a regular to grab more from you.

Butcher Brew - Instagram

It's the best salsa.  No joke.  No restaurant or store shelf can compare.  The flavor is very complex and fresh and the flavor changes over the first week of consumption, which adds to the experience.

Sean H. - Slack

Their salsa is delicious. I now buy it every weekend at the Henderson Pass Farmers Market. It is good enough to eat with a spoon. I used to make my own but then tried theirs. Now I just buy theirs. I get the regular Serrano and there is plenty of heat. I haven’t tried the other products but based on the salsa, I’m sure they are good.

Kay C. - Nextdoor

Salsa is outstanding. We tried all 3 and they are delicious! No more grocery store salsas for us. Great service!

Roberta D. - Nextdoor

It's F*** Dope! 

Ale F. - Slack

I love everything about your company.  The excellent customer service, the packaging, the fresh ingredients used and most importantly the taste. So glad I discovered Old Man's Salsa!

Jackie B. - Text Message

Yours TASTES better than the HEB one from the produce area in the square tub!

Isabel L. - Facebook

Guys ... this Sala is delicious! Love the Serrano Salsa! It gives the perfect blend of heat and flavor! Totally worth the try and wouldn’t be surprised if Old Man’s became your household go to choice!

Jenni B. - Nextdoor