Old Man's Story

My best friend Reagan nicknamed me “Old Man Clanton” when I got married and had my first son at age 22.  And now 8 years later, still married to the love of my life Renee, with 3 sons – Wyatt, Walker & Whitt, the nick name Old Man Clanton stuck.  The best stories include Wild Characters.   My culinary trained mom Deborah created a couple of an amazing Salsa recipes back in 2014. Everyone said it was the best Salsa they ever had, but she was too busy to advance.  Fast forward to 2019, I entered a tweaked version of one of the Salsas in a San Antonio, Texas contest and it Won First Place!   Now here we are in 2020, with people still asking for this amazing Salsa so much so that my best friends Reagan, “aka Business Henchman;” Grant “aka Master of all things Financial;” and my mom Deborah, “aka Chef granny cray-cray” have joined the Salsa vision to put these Favorite Salsa Creations into your awaiting hands.  All those hours of nagging my mom to open a salsa business; and late night - sitting on the front porch talking Salsa and drinking craft beers with Reagan, is finally paying off.  So, if you are ready to take a Walk on the Salsa Wild Side, now’s your chance.